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On The Rise For Fall: Boiler Suit

Gigi Hadid in Boiler Suit NYFW Spring 2019
Gigi Hadid in Boiler Suit NYFW Spring 2019

The boiler suit has been on the rise for a few seasons. It isn’t a particularly novel piece. More recent, however, is its garnered appreciation and the industry’s awareness of all its unique assets. Utilitarianism serves many purposes- most intentionally it simplifies life. The boiler suit is a clear cut utilitarian staple with its loose silhouette, oversized and overabundant pockets, and assortment of metal hardware. Born in the 1960s during World War II, the boiler suit has an industrial background and is literally a relic of the past. Ironically, this “relic of the past” is one of the most modern styles to hit both the runways and streets of New York during September’s NYFW. Beyond its comfortable form and practicality, this iteration of the classic jumpsuit can easily be dressed up or down. Sticking with its most conventional styles, a cotton or linen suit can simply be translated to casual day wear with some sneakers or casual loafers. Take it up a notch for the night time with some block heels and metallic accessories. Still comfortable. Still no fuss. Still fashionable. The boiler suit is perfect for the mom on the go, art student running late to class, luxurious fashion blogger, and instagram sensation. It truly is universal.

Now lets talk about the boiler suit’s social and environmental impacts.

Designer Arje brilliantly crafted a boiler suit for Spring 2019 that is the epitome of androgyny. It is classic, clean, and all-inclusive. Gender norms are being shattered left and right in the fashion industry, and as a society, we need to move towards complete inclusivity. Femininity and masculinity inspire beautiful  trends in fashion- but they should no longer be exclusive to their associated genders. In a small way, the boiler suit is breaking down these antiquated barriers.

As for the environment, I have an argument for the boiler suit that may be a bit of a stretch but it still contains a thread (pun intended) of validity. Fast fashion is destructing our environment through the absurdly quick turnover of products. People buy a shirt for say $15 at Forever 21, wear it twice, and then throw it away. This perpetuates a culture of consumption and consequently disposal. The earth can only handle so much pollution from production and disposal of clothing. The boiler suit, if correctly sourced, is durable, timeless, and a piece that could remain in a wardrobe far past a garment’s usual expiration date. Those who invest in fewer, higher quality pieces are mitigating ecological footprints and therefore preserving the environment at the same time.

Alas, I rest my case as to why the boiler suit is absolutely perfect for this fall.

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