This collection was inspired by my grandma Marcie. She was an incredible seamstress in her youth as shown by an iconic photo of her posing in her own creation. Although I never was fortunate enough to meet her, I like to think she is responsible for the passion of sewing both my mother and i possess. this collection was my way of carrying her legacy forward and modernizing her classic style. Many of the prints are original and one outfit even has the iconic image printed repeatedly on silk faille. learn more about the textiles and process below. 


as outlined in my concept, this is the iconic image of my grandma marcie. it was printed in a repetitive grid pattern onto silk faille. this image is matted onto a soft blue background- a color that reoccurs throughout the collection.

hands down my favorite print from this collection, this textile was created by printed a drawing i made of my grandma onto color blocked silk faille. the opposing colors-- dark peach and pink-- reoccur throughout the collection.

this textile has strong wes anderson/ grand budapest hotel influences and the color palette coincides with the rest of the collection. this pattern was hand drawn and printed on silk faille.

this textile takes the image from before and plays with color and scale. I blew up the image and placed it on vibrant orange-- also printed on silk faille.

this textile has been used in previous collections and is a sarah k parker staple print. the baby blue is a key color to this collection and the print shows lovers' embrace-- also printed on silk faille.

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