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Updated: Jun 23, 2018

2017 Oscar nominee, "Call Me by Your Name" has left our hearts sore and eyes raw. This vivid Italian film shows a beautiful portrayal of real soul-bending romance between two lovers. The premise of the story has drawn in America as it tackles prominent issues like gay relationships and the hardships love endures. Part Bildungsroman, part romance, "Call Me by Your Name" strikes an empathetic chord across the board. Beyond its beautiful storyline, the film artistically applies motifs like peaches and old roman statues while utilizing the natural grace of Northern Italy's country side. This film has such a strong aesthetic presence, that I was compelled to create a "Call Me by Your Name" inspired wardrobe. So relax, grab a peach, and enjoy.

Gingham High Waisted Trousers Yellow and White Call Me By Your Name Urban Outfitters
Gingham High Waisted Trousers (Urban Outfitters)

Lemon Yellow Embroidered Loafers Call Me By Your Name
Embroidered Lemon Loafers (Soludos)

Silk Scarf (Hermes)


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